Theologos is situated 57km from Thassos and it is one of the oldest villages. The name comes in Byzantine times while according to history was inhabited much earlier. At that time indeed was the capital of the island also. That was a very important village and had a major role in the political issues of Thassos. Later, however, and particularly after the liberation of the island, that changed, because the phenomenon of piracy disappeared as a result tourism to flourish and many residents moved to the lowlands, and thus Theologos lost its glamour.

It is built in a beautiful location, with incredible view. Theologos visited by many tourists every year, to taste incredible food (especially lamb on a spit). Also each year attracts many people in early summer, where take place the representation of Thassos wedding.
Also there are some settlements where belongs to Theologos. These are, Potos, Peukari, Thimonia, Astris, Aliki and Kinira.



Potos is located in the southwestern part of the island and is the harbor of the village Theologos. It is the first destination for new tourists, who visit the island, because the nightlife is well developed and there are several cafes, restaurants, rooms and souvenir shops.



Peykari is a very small settlement between Limenaria and Potos. Many tourists visit mainly this area to do water sports.

Another small village of Theologos is Thimonia. In this area there are ruins of a Byzantine church and two Hellenistic towers. In Thimonia the sea is very clean but the people mostly goes for a swim with vessels, because the beaches are below steep cliffs. On top of these cliffs is the monastery of the Archangel Michael, which has incredible view and a crowd gathers every year.



The small rural village of Astris located a few kilometers away from Potos and also belongs to Theologos. The area was named so, by the inhabitants of Theologos who descended there and they gathered olives, beneath the starry sky. On the opposite lies the uninhabited islet of "Panagia". 

In this region there are several beaches of outstanding natural beauty where someone can go there either by boat or if possible by car. At these beaches (Babouras, Agios Vasilis, etc.) many locals go for fishing. But the most famous beaches in the area are "Giola" and "Psili Ammos", which are among the most popular on the island.



Another village of Theologos is Alyki. According to tradition in this region once lived Queen Alice. This is one of the oldest settlements on the island. In the back of the beach are preserved even today the ruins of an ancient settlement, while in the eastern gulf of Jericho, the ancient sanctuary survives with two buildings, which are estimated to have built in the 7th century b.C. The development of Alykes coincides with the simultaneous extraction of marble, which lasted from the 6th b.C to the 7th century a.C. The beach of Alyki is beautiful; the water is blue and is a tourist attraction. 



Finally, another settlement that belongs to Theologos is Kinira. In this region there are findings of Archaic and Roman periods. The vegetation is very dense there because there is enough water in the surrounding slopes and is considered as one of the most blessed places on the island. In Kinira also belongs the islet Kiniriotiko which is uninhabited. There is only one old house which belongs to the owner of the small island. In Kinira also belongs the beach paradise, which has shallow, turquoise waters and fine sand. Many tourists visit it every year and on the back, many of them camping either with tents or with caravans.





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