Thassos Ancient Theatre

The ancient theater is made in a natural cavity of the hill, leaning on the wall and it is estimated that is located in this position from the 5th BC century, as evidenced by Hippocrates. 



At the beginning of the 3rd BC century, built the stage with marble facade. The scene is devoted to Dionysus from the Thasian Afsistratos, son of Kodi. There are still a whole column and various other pieces. In those years, the theater was used to given, theatrical and musical performances. 

Later in Roman times, the orchestra and benches were refurbished. In several benches, saved engraved the names of people who held positions. 

After the first AD century, the theater was used for "hunting" and the struggles of gladiators. And duels were paired with horsemen. The orchestra became arena and around the middle of the 2nd AD century, Iragoras, son of Effrillou, orthoses raillings to isolate the viewers.

The bases of railings were marble. On such a marble is preserved the name of a benefactor, the Spaniard, who later appointed her will be made each year hippodrome celebrations in Thessaloniki. 

Saint Panteleimon (Agios Panteleimon)



The year 1843 is referred as the date that built the monastery of St. Panteleimon near the village Kazaviti. It is built from Stone Mountain. The monastery is built next to a cave from which it is said the saint passed.

In 1919 came the first nun (her name was Elizabeth) who lived as a hermit in one of two rooms that were in the monastery and she did it her cell. From the 18th century come many believers to pray and be healed by the doctor Saint Panteleimon and every year on July 27, the monastery celebrates with a festival that attracts thousands of devotees.


Archangel Michael Monastery



The monastery of the Archangel Michael is the only Mount Athos monastery left in Theologos. There are several legends about how the monastery was built. According to one of them in 1923, the church was built by a saint Luke ordered by the Archangel Michael.

However, until now it is not known the exact time the monastery was built, although the first official document referring to is in 1287 by Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos.

ArxangelosIn place of the current monastery was built a small monastery and there are indications that the monastery was built in 1821. According to an engraved plaque that is in the area of the monastery in 1835 seems to have made some repairs or the completion of the building of the monastery.

Something that gave great thanks to the monastery is the image stored there with the Archangel Michael with a peace from Fair Nail; namely nails say from what Christ was crucified. For Thassians Archangel is very important and regard him as their patron, especially for residents of Theologos.

In October 1974 they reached the monastery 7 nuns and since then has been nunnery dependent spiritually from Filotheou monastery of Mount Athos.


Festivals - traditions & rituals

Thassos with countless chapels and historic churches, the celebration of each one of them is the starting point for pilgrimage and folk festival, which includes the whole island. Island’s famous festivals are of the female monastery of the Archangel Gabriel which is dedicated to the island's patron Archangel and church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

In January, the feast of St. Athanasius, residents visiting the Castle, the oldest city on top of Ypsario, at 800 meters altitude, to commemorate the grace of the saint, to celebrate, to dance and sing.




Another custom is the grating of pepper which is celebrated during the carnival as follows: the leader sings once and others who dance repeat the song making similar moves. If some of them break the rules are punished by the leader to hit.


Another well-known custom made in Limenaria is "Rain my April". On the second day of Easter, the locals gather and ask God to rain, not to dry out the vines and have good production, consuming local food and plenty of Thassian wine.

Finally, every summer the representation of traditional Thassian marriage in  Theologos, involving everyone, residents and visitors.


Archaeological Museum of Thassos

Thassos Museum 2


Archaeological Museum of Thassos is located in Limenas, built near the ancient market. This museum is one of the most important in the provincial Greece and there you can find artifacts from the 7th BC to the 7th century AD. 

The findings are available in the museum are from the Paleolithic to the Roman era, thus showing that Thassos was one of the greatest civilizations of the Aegean.

Thassos MuseumThe visitor entering the museum will be impressed by the towering Kouros and will be able to know details of the daily life and culture of the residents through the centuries. In the museum also there are information about Thassos Paleolithic mines discovered, prehistoric rock paintings and jewelry found.  Also, through Theagenes from Thassos, who has won Olympic Games many times, presents the history of the Olympic Games.

In the museum someone can see exhibits like pottery, figurines, coins, lamps and also sculptures Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian times.




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