Thassos History

Thassos is an ancient island and its history starts through the legends and mythology. There is little information on the prehistory of Thassos and agree that the first inhabitants were Thracians who had come to the island around 2000 b.C. After them around 1600 b.C, according to Herodotus, came to the island the Phoenicians, who were intelligent people and had inclination towards shipping and trade.

There are two versions for the arrival of the Phoenicians on the island of Thassos: The first says that Thasos, who gave his name to the island, was the son of Agenor, king of Phoenicia, and came here in search of his sister Europe, who had kidnapped from Crete traders. The second version is by exploiting the rich mines from the Phoenicians and their installation on the island, resulting in the development of a remarkable civilization.
Around 700 b.C., according to Thucydides, after a famous oracle, came and settled in Thassos, the Ionian Parians with their leader Telesisli, father of the famous poet of heroic verses Archilochus. This oracle, from the most reputed and famous oracles of Delphi, indicating the Parian colonists with political and insightful manner, the location of their future plant. This is the second great period of Greek colonization, which laid the foundations for the spread of Greek culture in places vital to the economy and their trade.